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"one and one hundred dice rolls a day"

- every day a set of six dice are rolled
- once each morning, followed by one hundred times later the same day
- for every dice roll the combination of numbers is written down
- every dice is marked and has its fixed place in the order

work in progress
1994 -

I graduated from Trondheim Academy of Fine Art in 1996 and have worked as an artist since then.

Since September 1994, I have been working on a project with daily rolls of dice.
A set of six dice are rolled one and one hundred times a day.
The number combinations is written down and collected in an constantly growing archive.

This collection of number series is my artistic basic material.

Through various transformations I develop the numbers to new visual forms and expressions.
Until now, in the form of dots, lines and words, used alone or in combinations, as two-dimentional works
or installations. Recently I have also transformed the numbers to animation, sound and three-dimensional

'Fixed floating' is an image of the duality that is characteristic for the project.

'Fixed floating' refers to the material for this project; the series of numbers. These random composite
numbers are a relatively neutral and at the same time a independent and autonomous material.
The numbers changes and varies between six different units, and the combination possibilities are
almost endless. Nevertheless, the relatively limited number of units brings us an experience of a form
of shapes and rhythms in the material. The material is perceived as nature, as an organism or matter,
something living with its own way of being - its own specific and latent characteristics - and with different
qualities that will appear when it is transformed and takes the form of image, object, language,
movement, sound.

The dualistic words also goes thematically back to the time for the conceptual arts origin, when artists
developed new methods where the fixed (ideas) worked together with the floating (chance) and thus
constituted the frameworks for the artistic process. It is this artistic tradition I stand in relation to,
and seeks to develop further.

My project is a long-term and exploratory project. I let myself inspire by other disciplines in the work
with developing new ideas about how the numbers can be transformed, such as science, philosophy,
literature, music. I will examine how it can be transformed in such a way that it retains its inherent
nature when it takes form as image, form and sound - ie. reveal the nature of the material so that it
appears 'as the same', regardless of how it is transformed.

This is a project that deals with the (distinct) similarities, (nuanced) differences, (supple) transitions
and (necessary) correlations. And with how something that is not something (else) in itself, becomes
something (own) in itself - as visual thoughts about a possible extended concept of nature.

This is a artistic research project that builds on the conceptual arts exploring of concepts and ideas,
the fluxus movements playfulness and openness, the minimal arts simplicity and clarity - and in addition
deals with materiality and the sensuous-based as the basis for an aesthetic perception and experience.

The goal is to create unique expressions that stimulates both the perception and reflection, and expand
our experience and understanding of what art is and can be.

A general project presentation
per 2011-